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Epson is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. Working with their small internal team, I worked for several months building out the e-commerce section of their consumer facing website, as well as creating electronic response cards for Marketing

New Hope Charitable Foundation

Energize Students [DBA New Hope Charitable Foundation] is a 501(c)(3) non-profit facilitating solutions to educate youth. I rebuilt their broken .NET site. They prefer to handle their own graphics

M&M’s Japan

MasterFoods is the global corporation that brings popular brands to consumers across the world. Creating the games section of the Japanese branch’s website was a fun challenge: it involved working with Japanese hiraganacharacters plus a major timezone difference. A talented LA designer and I brought the brand to life.

UC Berkeley Haas

The Center for Responsible Business at Berkeley-Haasconnects students, businesses, and faculty to mobilize the positive potential of business to create a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable society.


1-800 Flowers is the well-known delivery florist service. I created a small piece of software for them that connected online requests from customers to the customer service team.

Democrat Politician

Working with Leighton, a talented designer in SF, I built and launched this website for a local Democrat politician’s campaign

Miracle Blanket

I built the E-commerce and package tracking for Miracle Blanket – the number-one Pediatrician-recommended alternative to traditional swaddling in the world. Over 2 million happy babies and parents can’t be wrong!

University of California

Drupal work for CITRIS: the Center for Internet Technology in the Interest of Society

Arthur Murray

Backend programming for the world’s most famous chain of franchise dance instruction school